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Terms and Conditions

Booking a Diagnostic assessment:

  • Diagnostic assessments can be booked by phone or email.  The assessor will confirm the appointment by email.  Both email and phone contact details must be provided to the assessor. 

  • A £100 deposit will be taken at the time of booking to secure your date and time. This deposit will be deducted from the total amount payable on the day.

  • Prior to the assessment, the assessor will request background information from you.  A report cannot be completed unless this information is provided. Please provide this at least 7 days before the assessment.

  • It is essential that the assessee has had an eyesight check within the two years prior to assessment (adults) and within 6 months (children).  Glasses must be brought to the assessment if required.  

  • A diagnostic assessment may be cancelled by the assessee or their parent/carer prior to the appointment with no charge but we kindly request that you give 48 hours notice (failure to do so will result in the non-return of £100 deposit).

  • The assessor may cancel the assessment e.g. due to ill health, up to 24 hours before the assessment. This will then be rearranged at the earliest possible convenience to both parties. 

During an assessment:

  • The assessor will act with professionalism during the assessment with due care to the assessee‘s comfort and needs.

  • The assessee is required to behave in a manner conducive to determining an accurate diagnosis. Where co-occurring needs mean that extra accommodations may be needed, this should be discussed with the assessor prior to assessment.

  • Where an individual under the age of 18 is left with an assessor, the parent/carer will have provided a contact phone number and will be freely available during this time. 

  • The assessor reserves the right to pause or postpone an assessment where an individual is becoming unduly upset by the process.  

Payment terms:

  • Payment of £100 is due on the day of booking the assessment and then £275 on the day of the assessment.  The assessor will be unable to complete a report where full payment has not been made.

After assessment:


  • The report will be completed within 21 working days and will be supplied by email as a password protected PDF.  This will be written to the required standard and adhere to the guidelines outlined by The SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC). 

  • If the assessee shows signs of a visual difficulty during assessment, the assessor reserves the right to withhold an assessment report until the extent/impact of any visual difficulties has been determined.

  • Minor amendments to the background information may be requested up to 30 days after a report has been received.

  • Once a report has been finalised (no later than 30 days after the report has been submitted), this concludes the assessment process. 

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