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Dyslexia Assessments

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What is a dyslexia assessment?

Dyslexia assessments last for around 3 hours and involve a range of activities which focus on learning ability, working memory, phonological processing and literacy attainment. I use both observations and the results from these assessments, alongside information provided by parents and school, to determine whether a young person is dyslexic. All this information is then gathered to produce a detailed report which identifies the strengths and needs of the individual. Within this report there are personalised recommendations for support for both home and at school. There might also be suggestions for onward referrals to other professionals.

When should I get a dyslexia assessment for my child?

Your first step should be a conversation with your child’s class teacher and SENCo. They will be able to explain any extra support that is already in place and if this is helping your child’s learning. If you have done this and your child continues to have difficulties, a dyslexia assessment could be considered the next step.

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Levitating Books
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What happens if I decide a dyslexia assessment is right for my child?

First please read the terms and conditions on the website to ensure you are happy with these. Then send me an email using the contact details on this website. I will then arrange a convenient time to discuss your child. 

If you decide to go ahead, a full dyslexia assessment costs £375. 

A date will be confirmed by returning a signed contract and a deposit of £100. I will then send you a background information questionnaire for both yourself and your child’s school which are essential components of the assessment process. These must be returned no later than 7 days before the assessment.

The assessment can take place at my house or your house (there will be an additional charge for longer journey times, please ask about this). It will last around 3 hours, including rest breaks, which normally takes place in one session. However, it is possible for this to be over 2 sessions by prior arrangement. 

A written report will be made available within 21 working days of the assessment. This will detail your child’s learning profile, their strengths and needs, and confirm whether your child has dyslexia. Personalised recommendations for support will also be given. An optional 30 minute Zoom session can be booked after the report has been sent to allow any queries to be answered. 

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